Sam Snead's House of Whiskey Retail in Auckland Chancery




Retail in Chancery
House of Whiskey is quite famous in its own industry.
It's located in the Central heart of Auckland City.
They deliver premium selections with professional services.
We've been taking care of their website since 2011.
Looking to upgrade it with a new look and better online management.






The Website Opening
We will have to set up the 18+ Age Alert cause they are selling alcohol.





The New Online Store
Finally we got it up and running






The Physical Store
Visiting House of Whiskey a few times to share inspirations.





About the Owner
Sam Snead is the top dog of the Whiskey Network.





We've gone through a few meetings to work on this project.





The Collections
They have wide ranges of Whiskey Collection with extensive Knowledges.





Product Display
Sam made all this display by himself like building his own castle. 





Online Promotional Products
We designed a section that he can promote certain products
with effective visual on his Online Store home page. 





Products Listing
This page is to present the products in neat listing for customers to browse.





Whiskey Event
Sam Snead is good at presenting Whiskey Tasting and
it took a huge part of his business image, also great for marketing.
We helped to put the event booking online.





A Night of Whiskey 
Sam Sneds' Whiskey Tasting Event





Event Guests
Look at how they enjoyed and were drawn into the presentation.
Sam is good, isn't him?





A new Bar
Sam opened a bar in St. Heilers. You are welcome to drop by and say hi.





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