Auction Event for St John Ambulance Fundraising in Skycity Convention Centre.




About the Event 
We were invited by Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of NZ
to design the visual of this Charity Event. 
They are aiming to fundraise $65k St John Ambulance.
We designed this Backdrop Display to welcome the guests.





The Ticket
We actually decided to create the black & gold luxury theme from here,
and inspired the guests to join the event with honour & glory.





Stage Presentation
We designed the Visual for Powerpoint Background on Stage.





The Handbook
To show the Programs of the evening. 





Opening Dance
Peacock is the Branding theme of this year.
We invited a dancer to present Peacock dance with Body Paint artwork.





We love to see guests enjoying the show.  





Introduction in Handbook
About the Association, St John and what the Auction Event is for. 





Get Event Started
The quality venue supported the best of the visual to entertain guests.
Also it made the MCs more shining too. 





The auction
Auction is fun and exciting for audience.
It's actually a challenge for MC cause it involved lots interaction design. 





1st Part Auction items
We spent quite a while with the team to go through the item collections
and presentation regards stories, layout, and order. 





Unexpected  Auction item
We specially designed this surprise to deliver more fun and creativities.
Dancers are the people guests know form this Organisation.





Successful Performance
This 4-dancer team fundraised NZD $2200.





2nd Part Auction items
After the laughter, we continued the atmosphere to tie people's heart.
Guests now can see the effort and quality put in this event. 





Bidding Moment
It was quite inspiring and interesting to see the bidder and competitions.





The puzzles of hope.
Putting hope together.





Thank you Message
Everyone is part of the whole to make this happen.
It's always good to share achievement with appreciation.
Also the branding theme of this year to present member is the Peacock





Group Photo
We made it all together. 





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